Adaptations in Aquatic Ecosystems 5E Biology Lesson


This no-prep Adaptations in Aquatic Ecosystems 5E lesson provides blended learning options for introducing marine and freshwater adaptations. It includes an engaging phenomenon, teacher-guided PowerPoint, student YouTube video, vocabulary, Cornell-style guided notes, explore activity, elaborate activity, explain activity, exit ticket, and two differentiated versions of a 10-question quiz available as PDF and Google Forms.


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Topics Include:

Freshwater habitats

Marine habitats

Aquatic plant adaptations

Aquatic animal adaptations

Purchase Includes:

  • Non-editable* Teacher PowerPoint for whole-group instruction.
    • Engage – A phenomenon that encourages students to make observations and ask questions. With a click, a guiding question appears that can be used for journaling or class discussion.
    • Teacher Explanation – a 20 slide lesson with Think-Pair-Share and questions to check for student understanding. All content is included in the printable Cornell-style guided notes that students can complete as the teacher guides the lesson.
    • Student YouTube Video Link – This video link can be shared with students for independent study and includes content from the teacher-guided lesson and vocabulary. Students who are absent have easy access to material presented in class.
    • Explore Activity – This research activity requires students to research several hypotheses and evaluate the evidence.
    • Vocabulary – Vocabulary terms and definitions with a supporting image. Spanish term is included.
    • Elaborate Activity – An activity that delves further into the adaptations of aquatic animals.
    • Student Explain Activity – An activity that requires students to explain the concept using creativity and imagination.
    • Exit Ticket – A quick check for understanding.
    • Teacher Keys – Easy-access links to all answers.
  • Cornell-Style Guided Notes – These printable or fillable notes accompany the teacher-guided lesson and the student You-Tube video.
  • Printable Quiz – A 10-question multiple choice quiz in two differentiated versions.
  • Google Forms Quiz – The same 10-question quizzes in Google Form format.


Terms of Use

*All Scientific Minds PowerPoints are non-editable to meet the Terms of Use of purchased images, to preserve the functionality of complex linking, and to protect our work.