Creative Writing Prompts for Science

Creative writing in science can allow students to explore a concept in fun and imaginative ways. Research tells us that writing supports long-term recall. When we allow students to be creative and encourage them to tell a story, they become more enthusiastic about the activity.

At Scientific Minds, we include writing prompts in each lesson module. Here are 11 writing prompts you can use in the science classroom.

Write a letter to the principal proposing a dangerous field trip by convincing them that it is important to your science education.

Write a conversation between a tornado and a hurricane in which each tries to persuade the other that it is more dangerous.

Write a letter of advice to a student taking this science class next year.

Write a letter to a classmate explaining why you think they should become a scientist.

Write a real estate advertisement to sell property in your intestines to bacteria or sell space between your toes to fungi.

Write a travel blog for a water molecule.

Write the script for an interview with a sound wave.

Write a recipe for plants to follow to make sugar (glucose).

Write an instruction manual telling the Earth how to make fossil fuels.

Write a postcard from a seed that has hitched a ride on an animal’s fur.

Pretend you are the Sun, and you are running for Energy President of the Earth. Write a campaign speech convincing everyone to vote for you.

We hope you and your students enjoy these writing prompts! Your students will think critically and make new connections when writing creatively in the science classroom.

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